UR22 is it multi client?

I have a UR22 and have had a few years of happy use out of it. I recently purchased a waves Impact server and after asking waves to try to get it to work I have been told that the UR22 is NOT multi client. I am now looking at the mk11 version but I can not see any info about it being multi client. Can someone on here let me know if it is??? If so I will buy but I need to know !! thanks Tony

Pretty sure that all UR interfaces use multi client ASIO drivers. Make sure that you have the latest version installed:


OK this helps a little, was the “old” ur22 not multichannel? if so I need the mk 11 version but if the “old” ur222 was multi channel and I cannot get it to work then getting the mk11 would be pointless so I really need an answer??

OK this helps a little, was the “old” ur22 not multiclient?
if the “old” ur22 was multi channel and I cannot get it to work then getting the mk11 would be pointless.
I need to know if the mk2 is multiclient so that it will work with the waves impact server. Thanks Tony

The only things added by the UR22mkII are iPad support and a new loopback function, as described here:

There are no other differences between the UR22mkII and the UR22.

I’m getting conflicting information on whether the UR22 has multi-client drivers or not… I don’t have one here so I can’t test it myself, but you can test it by trying to run two DAWs at once, both configured to use the same ASIO driver. If you have Cubase, you can just make a copy of the Cubase .exe, then rename it to something else. This will allow you to run two Cubases at once.

Make sure that Cubase’s “Release ASIO Driver in Background” setting is disabled. If you can get sound from both DAWs at the same time, then yes, the driver is multi-client.

Thank you Romantique, I guess I will have to find someone who can confirm that the mk2 has multi client abilities. I am not to sure about copying cubase and testing, I think I will try to find an answer from Waves as they must have a list of audio devices that work with there system. Thanks again for taking the time to answer this and all the best!! Tony