UR22 - Is it possible to split the two channels in cubase?

Is it possible to send the two audio inputs to two separate tracks in cubase? As in, two instruments into the UR22 but sent to two separate tracks? One input in one track and one input into another?

Yes, of course!
Both Cubase and the UR come bundled with Manuals - Read them (even if you don’t have the SW/HW installed the manuals can be Downloaded). :wink:

Yep. Little hint: VST connections.

in your vst connections (F4) make 2 mono inputs (input 1 & input 2) & if you want a stereo recording make one stereo input (input 1&2),then you have 2 mono in & one stereo in

Thanks! I figured it out on my own, doing exactly what Home Studio 87 said to do. I own an ensoniq eps sequencer (it uses sounds from 3-1/2" floppy disks! Old school!) and a yamaha TG500 tone generator. Believe it or not, there isn’t a single Orchestra Strings sound in Halion Sonic that even comes close to the awesomeness of the Orch Strings from my ancient ensoniq disk sounds. And I also love many of the sounds in the TG500. Many of my old songs use both. But I have been using 7 sounds from the ensoniq eps disks and one sound from the TG500 since 1996. But the Orch Strings sound in my ensoniq is unbeatable.