UR22 Live Audio Streaming Using Both Inputs

Righto, I will do my best to explain the problem…

I have the UR22 and I am trying to send the audio signals from input 1 and 2 on the UR22 via the USB input on the computer into a voice chat program. The problem is that it will only send the signal from Input 1 and will not send the Input 2 signal. For the life of me I have tried oads of different settings and options but it will only allow the Input 1/Left signal to be used.

At this point I should also say I am on Win 7. I have a mic cable into input 1 and a guitar cable into input 2. I can hear both via the headphones plugged directly into the UR22 and via the computers own speakers when alternating the default audio out settings. When doing a recording into Cubase 7, both mic and guitar are recorded fine.

However, when the ‘Listen to this device’ is checked and sound is being provided via the computers speakers. Input 1 will come through the Left speaker and Input 2 will arrive via the right. I need to be able to convert the stereo signal into a mono/left channel signal only.

Is there something I am missing here or is there a program that will fix this?

All help appreciated.

Any answer to this? I am having a similar issue.

Hi Donatello,

I’m a new user to UR22 and I find peoples here are not too helpful.
I try my best to help.
If I understand correctly you try to send both input signal 1 (Mic) and 2 (Guitar) to left channel, right?
I did it by adding two momo tracks and PAN both to left channel.