UR22 low-freq line noise, nothing plugged in

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I just got my UR22 last week and have noticed a strange effect. There seems to be a decent amount of low-frequency noise when monitoring the inputs, and it exists regardless if anything is plugged in or not, phantom power on or off, and gain up or down.

I’m wondering if it’s some sort of USB / electronic noise in my system. I notice that when I type on my keyboard or click the mouse, the signal responds by jumping ever so slightly.

I have made a video of what I’m experiencing, within Ableton using the spectrum analyzer:


This is with the gain at 0, nothing plugged in to the inputs, and phantom power off.

In an attempt to troubleshoot, I have unplugged all other USB devices from my system and the noise remains the same (although it is inaudible as far as I can tell, but that might be because it is at such a low frequency). I’ve also shuffled around where I have things plugged in (AC-power wise).

I’m somewhat of a newbie to home recording; I apologize in advance if this is typical or I’m missing something obvious here. I checked the Steinberg page about the UR22’s that experience a ~30hz hum with phantom power on, but my serial number does not fit into the ranges given on that page (mine begins with UETN***)

Please let me know if this is normal for this unit or I need to exchange - and if there’s any other troubleshooting steps I can do. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I did the same test on my laptop to compare to my PC. I made sure the laptop was unplugged from the wall, and no other USB devices were plugged in.


During the screen recording, there were many spikes in channel one of the UR22 (note that nothing is plugged into the inputs / outputs / etc. here; just the USB cable). I believe somehow the screen recording software was interfering with the UR22, but I do not know how as I disabled audio recording.

I did a test of input recording without the video recording software running, and the input spikes disappeared. The lower frequences (<60Hz) still hover around -70dB as their noise floor, where as all frequencies above that seem to be hovering at -100 to -110dB.

Is this normal behavior of the the UR22?

EDIT: For additional clarity I’ve taken some screenshots of the spectrum analyzer. This is from my laptop, with a Rode NT1A plugged into channel 1, Phantom Power on, Gain at minimum.

First picture is Linear spectrum, 2nd logarithmic, 3rd straight:


Thread update: I talked to Steinberg support and they said this behavior is not normal and the device is defective. I’m sending it back for an exchange.

I had the same problem

I have plugged my UR22 into my computer with just my mouse and keyboard with no speakers or mics connected and recorded a signal through my computer and got a lot of noise.

The UR22 USB cable was connected directly to the computer. I tried both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports with the same results. The sound recorded was with the UR22 connected. No microphone or speakers or cables were connected to it. The UR22 updated driver was installed. I was using a mic. I tried different microphones but when I recorded a straight signal into Cubase by just using the ASIO UR22 driver noise occurred. (without a mic or speakers or cables attached). I am on a desktop computer and the UR22 is not connected to a USB Hub. I Also tried with other microphones and guitar cable with the same results.

I had a computer technician remotely search my computer for different conflicts and nothing was found wrong with the computer.
Is there something wrong with the ASIO Driver? (New one installed)

Tried Microphone and guitar
Connected directly to computer
Using a desktop computer
No USB Hub used. :angry:

Same story here. Can´t find solution.
Only thing helped a lil bit, was making midi ports inactive and that made a lil lower that incoming signal.