UR22 Mac installation problem

I’m trying to install my UR22 on my friend’s Mac. I’m not a Mac person. I downloaded the driver, it installs, then it says I need to restart the computer, “to begin the installation” …?? Okay so I restart. Nothing happens. I can run the install again, same results. I also tried an earlier version of the driver. Same thing.

The computer plays sound through the device (I’m not using it with any DAW just to play music from the computer through the connected powered monitors). But the music skips every few seconds. I need to adjust the buffer size, but I can’t, because there is no setting for it in the preferences. I can select it as the audio device, but there are no settings for it there either. What do I do?

Whelp… I just re-installed the newest driver (I was previously using the older version because the newest one was hanging at the install and wouldn’t complete) and this time it finished installing. Still no device in the preferences to adjust the buffer, but now it plays without skipping, so I guess no buffer change is necessary…

What version of MacOS are they running?

It’s the latest Catalina, 10.15.