UR22: mic AND guitar at the same time?

Hi there

A simple question but I can’t find any solution in any of the Steinberg user guides.

If i switch on phantom power to feed a condenser mic going into Input 1, does the the Hi-Z switch on Input 2 cut out the phantom power so that I can plug my guitar into Input 2. The intention is to be able to sing and play at the same time.

If the Hi-Z switch makes no difference and if the phantom power is fed to both inputs, then should I be concerned? Is the phantom power going to mess up my guitar or produce a poor sound?

Any advice much appreciated,



Phantom power is only supplied to the XLR (3pin) input, not the jack input you stuff your guitar in :wink:.
At least that’s what I would expect.

Phantom power is DC so it’ll never mess up your sound.

Hi Strophoid

Thanks for the advice - appreciate your time in getting back on this one.

Best, Ged

Yea it works alright, I’ve tried it. Downside was that my acoustic guitar leaked a lot into the microphone. I mean, a lot… But it was possible to record both at same time, using a cable from the mic into 1 and a cable from the acoustic into 2.