UR22 mk II - Audio Loop

Hey folks,

I am on Windows 10, 64 Bit using the Steinberg UR 22 mk II. I use the interface for in- and output. Latest driver and firmware installed.

When I play some audio, like youtube, spotify, or from a game, the output sound also appears on the Steinbergs input. This is annoying, since people in TeamSpeak and Discord will hear all my desktop audio.

I already made sure the loop comes not from the microphone by disconnecting it from the interface. Stereomix device from Windows is disabled. Mix set to DAW.

My search on the web was not successful. Anyone out there having the same issue?

Btw, on Linux, without official drivers, I don’t have such an issue. Only makes it more weird for me…

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P.S.: When I use another output device, like my notebooks builtin audio, the issue does not occur. It only occurs when Steinberg is used for in and output.

Do you have loopback turned on?

Hey, thanks for getting back.

You mean in the mic settings?
It’s turned off.

I meant in the asio driver control panel.

Hey misohoza,

thanks for your reply. This has been the issue. I should read the fu*king manual before asking dumb questions :smiley: !

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

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