UR22 mk II - playback starts then fades and is gone

I am recording using UR22 mk II and Cubase LE AI Elements 8 (which came with the Steinberg software). When I try to playback, I hear the first second or so then it fades and the sound is gone. When I try to play again there is no sound. I can still hear real-time sound from the microphone, just not playback.

I see a lot of issues with dropping out or intermittent sound but has anyone experienced the sound just fading out and not coming back?


I just bought one myself a couple of days ago. Have you trited to turn the mix knob all the way to the right before recording vocals. . That got rid of some of the fading out but not all of it. If I can#t fix this, I am considering to return this unit.

With 512 samples Buffer rate ASIO vocal recording is currently working in my case. At a lower rate it would chop off the first letter of the first word.