UR22 Mk II use without computer in a live situation

I have a couple of questions about the UR22 mkII. I wonder if the UR22 can be used without a laptop or iPad for live use. I would power it with a USB power supply.
The reason for this is that I need it to attenuate 2 eurorack level inputs to be able to output them into two separate guitar amps. The trick is, I want to send a stereo signal in, so left/right into the UR22’s two separate channels, and also send L/R out. I worry that if I input the L/R channels they will get both mixed to center, so the UR22 will output the same signal out of both of its L/R line outputs on the back.
I realize the UR22 doesn’t have a pan knob on each channel which I could set in a DAW if I used it like that, and this is what I will probably end up doing, but I’d like to not have to do that if possible - one less piece of gear to carry around…


I had a similar question where I wanted to power the UR22MKii using only the 5V adaptor without having to connect to the computer.

You may have figured this out by now, but the answer is no. A couple of salespersons from the store I got the box from said the box is only when connected to the computer or by the 5V adapator when plugged into an iPad.

This detail was confirmed on page 5 of the Operation Manual, which says:

“Even if you set the power supply to [5V DC], the power to the UR22mkII will not come on unless it is connected to a computer or an iPad by the [USB 2.0] terminal.”

I find it a drag to have to turn on my computer every time I want to use the device not for recording purposes.

Well, I found out that the UR22 mkII CAN be used without a laptop/iPad by keeping the power source switch to USB 2.0 and using the supplied USB 2.0 type AB cable plugged into a mobile phone USB charger (5V-1A).

i.e. instead of plugging the cable into a laptop USB 2.0 port I simply plugged it into the USB slot of a mobile phone charger that uses a regular detachable micro USB cable.

Alternatively, I also tried a power bank instead of a mobile phone charger and the device worked fine.

Thus the alternative power source of 5V DC (micro USB input port at the back of the device) is redundant in my opinion for powering up the device - however, it can be used to (pass through) charge a power bank using a micro USB while the device is connected to a mobile phone charger / laptop via the USB 2.0 type AB cable.

I’m not sure but I think there is a drop in the output with the mobile phone charger / power bank as compared to using a laptop as the primary power source for the device.

Let me know if this worked for you!

I’ve used the ur22 without PC, I used a powered usb hub that was powered via a phone charger plug.
Full of ground issues, touch metal of guitar and got electrical spike interference.
But I can’t use my ur22 unless it’s plugged into a PC that is grounded via the wall power.
Still don’t no why but it happens to a friends as well.