UR22 mk2 + AKG P420 = no signal


I couldn`t find a topic that would resolve my issue, so here we go:

I am trying to plug in AKG P420 (Condenser XLR Mic, brand new) into Steinberg UR22 mk2 and to a laptop.

Now I`ve used Steinberg for a while now for guitar (successfully), but this is the first MICROPHONE that I am trying to use.

Got my +48V switch on, the light is on, but I am not getting any signal…

Checked Sound settings - Input Device is set to Audio Interface, but I am not getting any signal from Input 1 (Mic line).
Trying to record in FL Studio on MAXIMUM gain just to see if theres any signal at all - but theres nothing - totally flat…

Do I need more power (get 5V DC)?
Or am I missing something else?