UR22 MK2 different mix to headphone and Mainoutput

Hi recently I bought a UR22 MK2 and it is working well so far.
I was trying to send the main mix and click track to the headphone out and only the main mix to the main stereo outputs (L and R). What happen is that my cubase can’t separate the headphone as an output.

I guess the problem is that the stereo headphone out of ur22 mk2 is the same same what send to the two main output and they can’t have two different mix.

anyone has similar experience and other ways to work it out.

UR22mkii has 2 ins and 2 outs.
2 outs means one stereo pair (L + R). Therefore even in drivers you can see only one output.
Therefore you cannot send click to headphones only and mix without clicks to output.

It’s clear that two outputs are two outputs, however Steinberg promises a completely independent main and headphone output with full mix control. That suggests clearly that it’s possible to use the headphone output as extra output for click track as you want. Complete mix control… independent output. I would really feel lied to if it wasn’t like that. Don’t promise it if it doesn’t do wat you say it does.