UR22 Mk2... Mic Gain is weak


Just purchased one of these. The UR’s latency with Pro Tools is about 2/3 better than my Lynx L22 PCI card at the same sample rate. Happy bout that!

However, I notice I have to turn the mic gain almost to full to achieve good levels. I use a Neumann TLM102 with the phantom power of course turned on. My Safe Sound P1 with 70db of gain (only 10db more than the UR22) can be set a 6 to get the same result. Is this normal for the UR22 D-Pre’s?


Just curious if you ever resolved this issue…I’m seeing very low input mic levels too. I’m wondering if I should use the 5v usb power instead of my laptop’s bus power to power the 48v phantom…

My mic does not work at all, seemingly not receiving phantom power from MKII (there is a led indicator on the mic, which should be on while phantom power flows).

Low input gain seems to be a common issue for the UR-series. Waiting on feedback from Steinberg.
Meanwhile I’m curious how to +6db gain in dspMixfx can be used to “solve” this. Turning it up full distorts for me but +2db gain helps. Thing is I don’t know how the extra gain works in regards to unity gain. Is it the pre-amps are turned up or is it digital for eg.

for me its not mic pre thats weak,but its headphone amp,so i bought fiio q1 headphone pre/dac and it works great with my ur22mk2,and color match,you wouldnt belive how much difrence there is in volume now,