UR22 mk2 mic gains when shutting down


I’m new here, I’ve recently got myself a UR22 mk2 and I’m wondering if it damages any of the gear (mic or ur22) if I leave the input gains up when shutting down my computer? Same question goes for the outputs. Appreciate your answers!


I guess I couldn’t harm your mic cause’ there is no mutual action. It means that mic preamp is amping in not out to your mic.

It is common use to turn down the master volume when shutting down. In studios, on racks, interfaces and guitar amp alike. If you just turn down the master you can leave the inputs at their state.

But I assume you have monitors or headphones attached right? So how do you deal with this? Shutting down a PC with monitors and mic input gains open will usually give you a loud “pop”.

In general nothing will happen but with (expensive) electronice I personally find it good practice to keep in mind the occassional one-time-only disaster.