UR22 Mk2 with New Macbook Pro: No Audio In

Hi Folks:
I’ve been a Cubase Pro user for about 4 years now on a Dell Alienware PC Laptop/UR44. My daughter has recently expressed an interest in getting into recording so in November I bought her a UR22 Mk2 for her 2012 Macbook (Mojave 10.15).

After installing the Steinberg Download Manager, Cubase AI 12 and Yamaha Steinberg USB driver 2.04 (Mac) everything worked fine except getting audio to show up in Cubase. MIDI In and Audio outs worked normally, so Halion and Groove Agent could be played, recorded and heard. A microphone plugged in to either preamp could be heard through the speakers but doesn’t show up in the Cubase Input channels. All routing is correct: UR22 Left In to Cubase Mono In 1, UR22 Right In to Cubase Mono In 2. As a test I downloaded the UR22 drivers for my PC and the interface works perfectly: all Ins and Outs are functional. I also updated the UR22 firmware to 1.04

I chalked this up to the Mac being somewhat old and having some previous problems. My daughter received a brand new 2023 Macbook Pro 13 (M2, OSX 13.1) for Christmas so I though this problem would now be solved.

No difference: MIDI in’s and Audio outs work fine, but the Audio Inputs won’t show up in Cubase. I called the music store I bought it from and the salesman said that many Mac users that have bought UR22’s have experienced the same problem. I’m going to take the Laptop and interface back to the store and get a knowledgeable staff member to get it to work. If that fails I’ll have to return the UR and get something else. I bought a Steinberg interface specifically to use with Cubase, and they won’t talk to each other. Any ideas before I get my money back?


I’m not a Mac specialist, far from it, but I have read several times that there is an authorization issue involved with any audio input on recent OSX versions. Something to check, maybe…

Took the MacBook Pro/UR22 mk2 to the music store today and did a bit more research. Here are the results:

1): The Mac shows signal from the UR22 Inputs in Settings/Sounds when it is selected as the default interface.
2): The UR22 works perfectly well when recording audio into Garage Band.
3): With Cubase, MIDI in and Audio out work great but no Audio In even though the Mac shows signal in Settings/Sound

I was told by one of the salesmen that Mac’s don’t actually need the Steinberg USB driver to be installed; the UR22 should be plugin and play. I removed the driver and got the same results as listed above.

I then tried a MOTU M2 interface (did not load a driver) and got the identical results with the MOTU as 1), 2), and 3) above with the UR22.

This tells me:

1): The UR22 works perfectly on a Mac (as it does with my Dell PC/Cubase 12 Pro in the first post). No need to return it.
2): The Mac is receiving audio from the UR22.
3): Even with the above results, Cubase is not getting audio. In Cubase/Audio Connections the Mono Inputs are assigned to Steinberg UR22 L/R, and Outputs are assigned to Steinberg UR22 L/R. Pretty simple; they are the only obvious choices. In Cubase Studio Setup I tried assigning both Steinberg USB Driver and (after it was removed) Core Audio driver, buffer set to 128 samples. Same results: Garage band works perfectly with both interfaces, Audio Outs and MIDI work on Cubase but no Audio In with the UR22.

Seems like this is a problem inside of Cubase. Have I missed anything?


SOLVED! : I emailed Steinberg Canada and this was their response: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360002973880-macOS-Steinberg-program-would-like-to-access-the-microphone-

I must say that the few times I’ve had to get tech support from Steinberg I’ve used the Canadian Steinberg email (I’m in Ontario) and they have replied within 12-18 hrs. with the correct info. Thanks Steinberg!