UR22 mkII 5V dc input

Is it possible to use the audio interface as a standalone, so without a laptop/PC via the 5V DC input?
And if so, what do I need? I already got an USB to micro USB cable that fits. I tried to use it with the adapter of my smartphone but that didn’t work.
Maybe important, I live in Belgium where the standard voltage is 230 V.
Thanks in advance!

I use it with my laptop, hooked up to a usb 3 port on the computer (plus the normal USB of course). I have also used it with a power bank.

Thanks for your reply. Using it with my laptop is no problem, that works fine. But sometimes I don’t want to record or don’t need the laptop to play music, and because I usually use my laptop on another desk I don’t want to carry around with it only as power supply.
The power bank you use, is a regular one? Am I correct to assume that if a power bank is possible, an adapter should be too?

Aha, sorry I didn´t read you right. But yeah, it´s a power bank I borrowed from my daughter, nothiuns special. And yes, it runs fine on a USB wall wart.