Ur22 mkii as a standalone unit?

Hi, just a quick question to anyone who knows if the ur22 mkII can be used as a standalone unit in the direct monitor mode? I’d like to hook up my guitar rig to it and monitor the sound with headphones without having to connect it to a computer or an ipad. Just for playing and monitor. When recording I will use a laptop but does is work with an 5v power adapter alone?


It is not possible. I have tried it myself. It needs a computer in order to run.

I’ve just tried mine with a mic and headphone monitoring works without iPad or computer connection. But I suspect a boot up connection may be required to get it up and running. You can then unplug from computer/iPad and it will work provided you don’t power off.

it can be done,i use it all the time for live use,connect usb power brick to ur22 mk2 but not in that special 5v,connect it as you would on computer,and turn mix knob to left,it only works in mono,so it kinda sucks cause of that,