UR22 mkii - can't hear the sound

Hello there!

I am using Windows 10 PC. My problem is that I can’t hear any sound through this sound card using a Steinberg USB driver. If I set this driver in the programme settings (Ableton, Cubase etc), I can’t hear the programme sound at all. But the input still works fine, as I can see on the master monitor.

Probably the problem is in the output device. For example, if I set the MME/DirectX type driver (it is available in Ableton) and chose as the input the UR22 mkii and as the output my built-in sound card in Wave format, I can hear the sound. But with Steinberg USB driver I can use as the output only output from this sound card and I don’t hear anything.

How is it possible to fix this, please?

Is there any solution? Mine stopped working today as well and I’m very frustrated.