UR22 mkII Microphone input question

Using a mic plugged into one of the XLR ports, what device should I make the recording device in Windows in order to use the mic for video conferencing like Skype or Hangouts? My problem is that if I use Line for recording, the only thing that appears, and Line for output to my headphones, people can hear all my applications as well. If I play music in Spotify, the people on the conference hear it. If I play a game, they hear it. I have to think that’s not intentional, and it didn’t happen when I was using a USB microphone not plugged into the UR22 mkII. Clearly I’m doing something wrong here.

I also would like to know how to make this possible with Steinberg UR22mkii to replace the PC onboard audio. :slight_smile:

Chrone, my problem was resolved by disabling loopback in the driver. I don’t know if that helps you, but I’m also not sure what you’re trying to do.

I did, but with no effect. Will condenser mic work on USB power supply or AC adapter should be used? Thanks in advance.

maybe they just hear sound from your seakers or headphones,or loopback function is enabled,

I think it depends on the device that supplies the UR22 with power. A PC/notebook should be enough but I can imagine an iPad being drained too quickly -especially if phantom power is required. In any case you’ll notice soon enough cause either the mic input is coming through or not (insufficient power will not result in lower volume for eg.).

As for splitting the signals, indeed one should look at the loopback configuration.