UR22 MKII No MIDI signal (Any DAWs)

Hello, I have bought UR22 MK2 a week ago and it finally came to me.
Everything works, excepting MIDI. I have tried Yamaha YDP-141, that worked by cheap MIDI to USB cable, excepting pedal that played notes. That was one of the main reasons of buying UR22 - connecting MIDI keyboard with pedal.
I have already installed both Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver (v1.9.10) and firmware update (v1.04).
I have also tried older drivers (after deleting that ones and rebooting, of course) and no result. No MIDI signal, MIDI monitor app didn’t even noticed MIDI-device connected.

I am using MacBook Pro 13’ 2015 with OS X 10.11.6
I will try installing macOS Sierra, maybe this will work.

Updated to Sierra (10.12.4). This is still a problem.

Both Logic Pro X and Cubase Elements 9 detect UR22’s MIDI input in’s but won’t read any signals from MIDI. I have already tried to switch MIDI I/O channels from piano, but this does nothing.
In case that my piano and UR22 mkII are manufactured by Yamaha this is quite ironic.

Please help me, I am pretty frustrated about this situation.

Ok, I was an idiot when bought MIDI cable for $1. Pins of it was ‘mirrored’. I figured that out only today…