UR22 MKII random hiss/buzz noise sound

Good day! I am using the UR22 MKII audio interface wired to the laptop Lenovo AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz 8.00 GB RAM running Windows 10 x64. I know this is not the first post regarding this issue but however no solution found. So here is the case. Either working in my DAW (Cubase 10.5 Pro / Cubase 8 LE) or running the music player the interface is randomly starting to distort the signal for some time. The sound sounds like the hiss/buzzy noise. Unplug/Plug-in the usb cable helps for a short while only. Please advise how to fix this annoying issue.

hi i’m experiencing the same issue only on playback from my laptop i tried playing different songs thru different players & a different pc but still doing it?? listening directly out of laptop or other pc thru head phones it would not do it but plug the head phones into the UR22 (MARKII) & its there again sounds like a high pitched trill/buzz like a robotic cricket sometime near exactly the same place on the song other times random i’ve tried everything downloaded all the latest updates etc. be fantastic if some genius knows what this issue is & shares the fix with us good luck

A bit of a long shot but this issue could possibly be related to usb power. So if you get one of those little usb power isolators (it just disconnects the power in tue USB cable) and power the UR22 mkII from a 5 V wall wart the problem might go away.
Afaik this isn’t really a ur22 problem but a computer problem…