UR22 MkII set up help Please!!

I bought the ur22 mkII at guitar center stopped at the Apple Store and got the USB to lightening camera adapter. Brought it home plugged it all in 5v, USB to adapter. Downloaded cuebase Le app. Connected the adapter to iPad and hooked up my new condenser mic to unit. Turned on 48v. Created a audio track. I got a metal clav sound over my guitar and vocals. When monitoring or recording. Talked to guitar center they said it was a “dud”. Took it back exchanged it. Started all over again and same thing. Connected a guitar as well same sound. Opened garage band, same sound. I turn mix to input, sounds good but play back still has “that sound”. Tried other input same thing. Any ideas? iPad is at its latest update 10.2.1. Cables new, mics new.

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Zsame problem. Major distortion. GarageBand in iPad. Same set up. Can you pm me as well or put up your advice? Thx,


Im seeing it being a firmware update, but have not been able to update yet , because I don’t have a computer with windows 7 and up. Will be trying update this weekend so I will post my resaults.

Sounds good – I will look for that and do the same.


Firmware update worked!! Awesome . Have not tried GarageBand , but works on cuebase Le.