Ur22 mkII Sound Problems

Good day to everyone!

Have a problem :pensive: Bought Steinberg Ur22 mkII usb audio interface, connected via USB, successfully installed yamaha driver from official web site, but… no sound in result! When I switch off speakers from my PC (and the included audio card) and then connect it to the UR22, there is no longer my speakers in the list of devices! Its called “not connected”! And if I put my headphones instead of speakers - again no sound. I have Win 7 64x. Really dunno what to do else, hope someone help me - thanks in advance, guys!

The problem is solved. Thanks

Hi Guys i have an Mark I. It went broken. I found someone with deep kowlege , he repaired it. Have a look :


So maybee it heplpes one of you :wink:

Greetings Todd

Hey, I’m having a similar problem and was wondering if you could share your solution. It mostly works, except for the last item:

  • Youtube output through UR22MkII: OK
    MIDI keyboard input through UR22MkII: OK
    Cubase output through monitor speakers: OK
    Cubase output through UR22MkII: NOT WORKING

The UR22MkII is not showing up under Studio>Audio Connections.

Windows 10, Intel NUC, Cubase Pro.

Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated!