UR22 MKii USB light blinking (not connecting)

I’ve owned my UR22 MK2 for around 2 years now, and pretty much have used it on a daily basis. Last week out of nowhere I plugged it into my Mac to record some music onto Logic Pro X and it wasn’t recognized by my mac. All that happens is the white USB light/indicator just keeps flashing continuously and never stays still (indicating that it is connected), it also doesn’t show up in my Audio MIDI Setup.

I’ve reinstalled the drivers about 5 times, tried multiple different cables, tried on 2 different macs and a windows 7 PC and still just a flashing USB light. I’ve emailed Steinberg twice and they just never reply, so I thought my only chances were to post here and or ring them, which i’m yet to do.

If anybody can help that would be great, I know this is quite a common problem with this device and nobody yet, to my knowledge has found a fix. I’m thinking of taking it to a nearby electronics store to see if it’s a physical problem (I bought it online so I can’t return it) but not sure wether to just sell it for parts and move to a Scarlett 2i2.

Hi Tyler
If it does not work on mac or pc, my first test would be another usb cable. (but reading a little more carefully I realize you already tried that).
My second test would be an external power supply.