UR22 mkII, Use System-Wide?

I cannot seem to find the answer to this question, but on Windows and Linux, can the UR22 mkII be used not only with my DAW, but also for system-wide sound for the OS and all applications? The on-board sound isn’t fit for basic applications such as watching videos or listening to music in a media player, so I would like to use the audio interface and my external monitors almost exclusively.

I am looking forward to a response. Thank you.

Yes, it can be used for all audio output in your system when your DAW isn’t running.

Excellent. I’m still waiting to set-up the audio interface, but I noticed that the manual doesn’t specifically help with what I am trying to do. Would you know of any sources I might read so I can have the interface set to work with all audio?

Also, I realize that there is probably a performance benefit to using the audio interface for only the DAW, but I will most likely avoid running anything in the background anyway, so it should be fine.

On Windows all you have to do is install the official drivers, right click the speaker icon to the bottom right, and set your interface as the default device for playback and recording.

To disable onboard audio, check your BIOS settings. This may improve overall system stability.

Hm, okay, so it’s probably trickier on Linux (but doable). I know that the URs have Linux support.

Also, my computer is a laptop, so I don’t know whether the BIOS have an option to disable on-board audio outright. I have to check again.

If you know of something that tells me how to handle everything on Linux too, then that would be great.