UR22 no longer being detected by Catalina Macbook


Apologies if this has already been tackled elsewhere, this is my first time posting. I searched this forum for this issue, and while I see related issues I’ve been unable to find a resolution.

I have an old macbook 2012, but have recently wiped and upgraded it to Catalina. It’s running great, good speed, almost like new. Previously it ran my UR22 for years, no problems.

Now my UR22 no longer is being detected. I downloaded the driver from this link: UR22 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
and reinstalled it. No luck. Did this twice.

Garageband says it recognizes a MIDI device when the UR22 is plugged in but I can’t get any sound regardless of setting. The audio preferences for the macbook itself are not recognizing the UR22.

The UR22 itself is on, with the USB light blinking.

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I tried to connect and use this gear, so I may just be so rusty I can’t remember how to use it properly. I feel like my solution is probably a simple one but I’m just flummoxed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try going Library>Preferences>Audio and delete the 2 preferences there. Solved this issue for me.

Hey, did you get it to work? I think this is one of the only posts that mentions Ur22 rather than UR22mkII. I also have catalina and am having difficulty getting sound out of the interface.

Not sure your circumstance, but I moved my UR22 from an old iMac to a new one that had Catalina… I was having similar problems (USB light on the unit was blinking and I was not able to use it for audio).

I deleted the preferences and totally messed up my OS… it may work for some, but I had to do recovery mode (option+R on boot) and select “reinstall macOS” to restore things.

That said I did get the UR22 to work by following this:

Apparently the kernel extension needed to talk to the unit needs to be “approved” manually in Catalina. Maybe this will save some other poor soul a few hours in the future :laughing:

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Thank you @donovandak,
This worked perfectly with Catalina. (Security and privacy).
UR22 has been sitting in my draw for quite a few years and it is so good that I’m able to use it.
No issues with set up. Once the interface and computer connected there was no set up. It all worked perfectly. Clean sound & No latency issues. Amazing.
Thanks again.