UR22 no MIDI device recognized


I just received a replacement UR22 device and I am not getting any MIDI device recognized in Windows when I plug it in (Audio is fine). I am running Windows 10 Tech Prev which I understand is probably not currently officially supported but it was working flawlessly before. The only thing I did before plugging it in was updating to the latest (1.9) USB drivers. I have also tried downgrading to 1.7 again but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be most welcome!


I have the exact same problem.

I changed from M-audio 2496 PCI card, which was working without problem, MIDI interface etc.
And now when having installed UR22 I don’t have any MIDI-in anymore.

I’m using Windows 7 X64 SP1 latest updates and I have tried both drivers just as budtz mentions.

I have tried both Cubase AI8 and Synthogy Ivory Standalone program, none of them displays any MIDI devices for me to use.

I have even tried reinstalling windows. Please, any help would be very welcome.

I found a solution to my problem.

AT the same time as changing soundcard from Maudio to Steinberg, I changed my setup to use Remote Desktop (RDP). I’m not going into the details in my setup, but RDP was the problem.

The solutions was two.

Don’t use RDP.

Two (the better one):
When connecting to the computer with RDP, do the following before connecting.
Show Options -> Local Resources -> Remote Audio -> Settings -> Play on remote computer
Voila, all audio devices including MIDI should now be visible through RDP

I tried using the Steinberg support, but I must say that the Steinberg support is a total joke. It took them 30 days to answer my request, and by then I had spent a great deal of my private time to solve this by myself.