Hey guys, So I bought the UR22 at Guitar Center and I’m using Cubase 7 LE AI Elements 7 trial thing that came with it.

I can get my guitar to make noise through the program and its right, however, when i try to monitor it or listen back to it, i get nothing. What could be causing this problem? It’s really annoying, yes the guitar is plugged into the first input on the interface and it’s all connected correctly.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Do you know if Cubase is using the UR22 asio? Go to devices and choose your interface.

Monitor button for that channel/track?

Yea but it wont go out through my speakers. I’m using a Dell Inspiron All In One 2020. Speakers are built in… I just went and bought Logitech Z313 speakers.

I tried to monitor it but nothing happens, theres no audio devices out…

Describe or include a screenshot of your VST connections. Then describe your track setup both when recording and playing back.
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You can’t use your built-in speakers, when you are using UR22. You have to use speakers that are connected to the UR22.

He mentions is his previous post that he bought Logitech Z313 speakers. I’m assuming he’s now connected these. :wink:

You are right. But from reading his answer to my earlier post. He said he was using built-in speakers until now. I think that the problem is solved when he hooks up the new speakers.

Sorry I’m not good at photo editing, that’s how I have to keep it for now.

It just says Missing speakers. and no connection except the yahama asio driver, which is the interface.

Ok see that I didn’t know, so I have to use external speakers for playback in Cubase with the UR22 Correct? Where do I plug these in the UR22 to hear playback? It’s a headphone jack on the speakers…

No, I haven’t the Z313 to my UR22, just to my computer and still nothing, like i said earlier, which port do I need to plug them into on the UR22 for playbase in cubase?

I still have no playback audio from cubase even with these logitech Z313’s connected to my PC. I haven’t tried to connect them to the UR22. I need to know what I need…

I don’t think you can connect the UR22 to your computer internal speakers.
If you have bought the Logitech speakers you’ll need a stereo cable that has two ordinary jack plugs but on the other end has a mini jack.
See pictures

So a headphone cable to 2 quarter inch jacks? Then hook the speakers up to the back of the UR22?

Guess so
I looked at the z323. That’s why I said the phone cable.
Good luck with the music [THUMBS UP SIGN]

Still doesn’t work. I went from the Logitech speakers to the headphone jack in the UR22 and still no playback or audio… this is really starting to piss me off, guitar center said it would work…

The headphone jack output of the UR22 to the Logitech speakers should work.

Make sure your VST Connections output is assigned to the correct UR22 outputs and your track’s output is also assigned to this bus.

“Mix” knob on the UR22 turned all the way to “DAW”?

Track’s monitor button disabled for playback?

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Did you ever get a solution to work? I am having same problem. Cubase shows signal coming in from mic and keyboard connected to the ur22 and Into my computer via USB, but headphones plugged into the ur22 jack receive no signal.