UR22 not connecting properly

So… I’ve had this UR22 for a little more than a year and its been fine, but today I turned on my computer and the USB light started blinking. The interface isn’t showing up in device manager or anywhere, and I can’t get it to work.

Things I’ve tried:

Reinstalling drivers
Around 4 different USB cables
A powered USB hub
2 different laptops, and different ports

I’m currently on Windows 8. All my ports are USB2.0.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m really tempted to take it apart since my warranty is over, but surprisingly I don’t have any screwdrivers that fit.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: For some reason it ONLY works fine when I plug it into my DASKeyboard’s hubs. I tried unplugging it and plugging it into other ports and it still just keeps blinking. So I have a temporary solution but would still like a fix…


I have the same problem. Finally found some time to do some fruityloops, but end up trying to fix my UR22.
Did you find a sollution?