UR22 not detected by windows 10

Hi, guys
My UR22 won’t be detected by windows 10, 64 bit. I have installed the drivers (1.9.6) exactly what installation guide says (to the letter) but the device doesn’t turn up in device manager. previously with win 8.1 it was working. The only sign that it is connected is blinking USB LED. Anyone could tell me what’s wrong with it?

I am just going to guess that you may need to disconnect your UR22 while doing the installation of the driver.

Restart, then plug it in.

Thanks jimmy69 for your reply. Actually, during installation process, I did everything what the guide says, including your advices. I can’t see any issues like this on the forum and elsewhere so I incline to say that my hardware is somehow broken, what I have no idea how to check it. Perhaps there is a way to install drivers manually, though the drivers been installed correctly (sounds bit weird, I know). Just wouldn’t like to burry this stuff without make sure I can’t help it.

Are you using the included CD to do the install or from a download, I had issues with the CD and Win10, the downloaded files worked for me.

Hi, I have the exact same issue. Blinking USB led (what does it mean??), and I did everything the way I was instructed… to NorthWood MediaWorks: I used the actual driver downloaded from the steinberg official page. Sadly, for me it doesn’t work.

Stranged…worked the first time using the old micro-usb from the UR22C into the laptop. Windows 10 detected it but did say it encountered an error of sorts (can’t remember the exact error message).

Not sure if it automatically installed the drivers, so I went onto the Steinberg website and downloaded the drivers for the UR22C. Was working ok - but after I restarted the laptop…it could no longer detect the UR22C - hence the blinking USB light on the UR22C.

I swapped out micro-usb cables and tried a different micro-usb cable but no luck. I then tried the USB 3.0 cable into the laptop and this fixed the issue - USB light on UR22C is solid now and Windows 10 can see the device.

So my issue is that for whatever reason using a micro-usb is not working but using the USB3.0 cable worked.