UR22 : probleme with headphone monitoring

Hi all,

I jsut bought my first audio interface : the amazing UR22. Since thursday, I’m trying to use it with Cubase 7 AI.
I have no problem with recording my guitar. While recording, I can hear the sound in my headphones plugged into the front headphone port.

However, when I try to monitor my recordings through my headphones, I can’t get no sound.

  • I checked my output bus : it’s set on “UR22 Stereo Output”
  • I checked the volume button associated with the headphone port on the UR22 : it’s on
  • I also checked the output volume button on the UR22 : it’s on

I really need to monitor with my headphone, without having monitoring speakers connected to the output ports of my UR22…

Can you help ?

Thanks in advance !

Did you move the mix input or Daw Knob?

I think you might just need to turn off the monitor button (little speaker icon on the track) for those tracks your trying to playback. (the monitor button is only required when listening to tracks as they are being recorded :wink: )