UR22 Problems

Tried all the different drivers suggested on this forum for problems. When using the unit to listen to music or any other type of media outside of the DAW, the sound is absolutely horrible. All distorted, digital, jpeg sounding. When In the DAW the sound is better but not anywhere near what it supposed to sound like. I moved up from a Blue yeti, to this unit with an Original Rode NT1, and this unit is making the Blue Yeti look like a pro mic setup. I am at a loss for words and cannot explain what is going on. My Drivers are all up to date, I have even tried to roll the drivers back. I have tried to update the firmware (even though my computer recognizes the UR22 it wont update) the only message I get is “UR22 Not detected please reconnect and reboot the software”. I have reconnected, uninstalled, reinstalled, swapped drivers and cannot seem to find the problem… please advise… thanks

same problem, no solution yet! Worst support :frowning: