UR22 skipping audio and low level noise when in DAW


I have an ur22 that is great sounding low latency excetera excetera yet i have some problems with it. On playback through windows or through daw there are random skips in audio also i hear high pitched noise when i open up my daw, use chrome or listen music with foobar. When I disable cpu core voltage throtling and CPU C states the noise is gone yet i consume alot more power, but the skipping occures still - so i am looking at two problems here. Most irritating is the skipping, because it messes up the recording also - it does not record while skipping thus the part of the recording is missing from the file with pikes all over the place - i can live with the noise as it is low level, but it also will get annoying when there is no signal put through from the ur and lets say the chrome is open. Any advice?



This wont be any help, but my UR22 intermittently drops out audio. I’ve installed all of the latest updates, and gone through the process of optimizing my computer for DAW and have had no success at all. I hope that Steinberg addresses this issue soon. Although, I always wonder if a single USB port supplies enough voltage to do everything that the UR22 is supposed to do.