UR22 slow to start playing on Windows XP

Hi UR-heads,

My UR22 arrived yesterday! First PC to try it on is Windows XP SP3 Home. Latest 32 bit drivers from this web site installed OK.

Seems the UR22 can only be configured as a 24 bit DAC / ADC (no options in the driver panel for say 16 bits, unlike my E-MU TrackerPre that has choice). Is this true?

My ASIO recorder VB app (written by me using BASS ASIO layer) seems to run OK, but the sample buffer size is fixed to the preferred value set in the driver panel. (E-MU TrackerPre allows a wide range of min & max buffer size to be set programmatically). Oh well, I can live with that.

I will mainly be using it for hires music playback into a high quality home stereo system. I won’t be using a DAW.

Here’s the rub. ASIO playback has a problem…

I have tried Media Jukebox 12. It works great with the Tracker-Pre. However, I can’t get this to play anything at all thru the UR22. About 20 secs after pressing play on a track it gives up and tries to play the next track, which also doesn’t work.

I also tried Foobar 2000 v1.2.6. This does play tracks on the UR22 via ASIO, but they don’t start immediately. I have to wait 30 - 60 seconds before it will actually start coming out of the speakers. After that it is OK, it will flow from one track to the next without delay. But if I stop and start there is the long pause again before it starts to play.

What the heck is going on here??

Are there any UR22 diagnostic programs or a simple program that reliably tests playback? :confused:

OK, I have tried the UR22 on a Windows Vista Home edition SP2 system. It works perfectly on record and playback. I will try a second Windows XP Home system to see if the problem occurs there with slow to start playing.

It also works OK on the second Windows XP Home SP3 system. Drats, the first XP system must have an OS issue :cry:
Sorry to bother you all…