UR22 sudden onset of problems

I have been using the UR22 USB 2.0 interface using CuBase on my PC for years without issues.
For Christmas this year I purchased a new computer, backed up and installed all my stuff to the new Computer running Windows 11, and everything has been fine, just like before.
About a week ago, I was recording a track when abruptly the project window closed, and the UR22 light began to blink, and I had no function. After uninstalling the driver, and then re-installing, the UR22 was working for mp3 playback and videos, but was of glitching during playback and dropping out while recording using Cubase.
The flashing USB light has appeared at least three times, prompting me to again delete and re-install the driver, and now the computer fails to recognize the UR22 when I plug it in.

I have also tried repairing the CuBase install too. Then re-installing the Drivers.

Everything seems to has sort of escalated quickly to this point.

Is it possible the UR22 itself has failed, or is there something I am missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

*edit - I have managed to get the URR22 recognized and a steady USB light. Playback of videos and music files (.wav, ,mp3, etc) working fine.
However, when setting up to record, with nothing going on, no playback, no recording, just set up with mics waiting at idle, I can see on the bar monitor that there is a random “popping” going on with the bar going up to full yellow and back down every few seconds. While just sitting there idle.
This is starting to fell more like a hardware problem. I’m going to upgrade to the UR22C and see if this goes away.
I’ll report back here.

I’m noting recently released USB drivers for Win11. . .one in December, one in January. Could be related?

Thank you for that, much appreciated.

Turns out it was in fact a hardware problem. Just an unexpected one. Since I am not a computer guy, I’ll do my best to describe my troubleshooting.

I was using a five year old Dell PC and everything was working fine, one recoding was 43 tracks with plugins abundant and no issues. I purchased a new Dell Inspirion all in one, and did all transfers of licensed programs and my files, and everything was working fine until the glitching as described above started to appear and got worse and worse after about 2 months of use, becoming unusable.

I set up my old PC, RE- transferred everything back, everything working fine, including the suspect UR22 interface.

I Reset the new computer, as a selection, wiped the drive and re-installed windows from the cloud, then reinstalled Cubase and purchased a Focusrite Gen 3 Scarlett and installed it to a fresh system.
Same problem. No amount of fussing with the sample rate and freq made any difference. The Task Manager indicates the CPU at up to 37% and Memory at 10% so something appears to have gone awry with the new Computer.
Its being returned under warranty, and I am back with my old system for now. With the same UR22 and the 2.1.7 Driver
But hooray for the little old UR22 lol