UR22 - theres a sound even if gain is off

My ur22 gives sound through microphone even if gain is off (turned to far left corner). So theres always certain level on volume that you cannot turn lower. Is that normal? It does it from both channels and even with mic that uses phantom.
I use Macbook and Ur22.

Yes there is 6 dB of gain at minimum.

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Oh there is? Thank you very much Strummer!

No problem @vaittinen.mikko :slight_smile:
Specs are not always easy to find, but in the case of the UR22 (MkII in this case) the specs are actually in the quick start guide, page 16.

Oh. I tried to search from manual and tried to google but i searched with wrong keywords. Some things hard to try to translate from Finnish to English. Especially some technical sentences. But thanks!

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