UR22 too hot inputs

After this topic about the HiZ input too hot for main of the guitar without solution : http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=39212

So I don’t use this UR22 a lot, but today i have to record just 16" floor tom for a little band project. This was recorded at the band’s basement so when here with an Audix D4 a condenser mic the UR22 and my laptop.

The problem is that the mic input was clipping on the Audix D4 channel when the drummer was hitting loud even when the gain was at the lower position. No inline pad with me :frowning:

Finally I have to put the mic away from the drumhead, but that was not the sound that I wanted initially.

I have the UR824 that have pads on the inputs for this kind of situation.
But what can I do with this little UR22 ? I really regret to have bought it !

Is there a way that Steinberg in a future firmware update, or I known by wich way, can lower the input of this UR22 ?

Or is it possible that in a future update of Cubase we can have a pad for the UR22 inputs ?

Hi Loorenz,

I occasionally run into mic overload, so I need to always
be conscious of how far I am from the mic on dynamic sections.
After another user informed me of mic overload (without clipping),
I researched a small unit with protective circuitry which guarded
against it. I don’t remember the name but it was a simple non-powered
circuit. Sure wish I could find that info again. I could just sing without
having my mind on mic placement. Anybody know what this device
is called?