UR22/Ur22mkII left/right channels uneven


Since buying some new monitors (Focal Alpha 65) I’ve discovered that the output to my speakers from both a UR22 and an UR22mkII is uneven. It’s most noticeable when I crank the volume up from zero, the signal goes to one speaker earlier than the other, and then the difference is still present at louder volumes, even when I switch the cables in the output channel.

I’ve done experiments changing only one variable at a time including speaker side of room, speaker, speaker power cable, and computer.

So I’ve narrowed it down to either UR22/UR22mkII interfaces or the audio cables (going to try a different pair today. I was just wondering if this was a familiar problem or if anyone had any input? It would be greatly appreciated, I’m going mad haha.


I have the same problem with my UR22 mkII, it’s just slightly noticable but it drives me crazy. Just to be sure, I connect the output from my UAD Apollo Twin to the input in my UR22, and when i bumped the input volume on the left channel, it sounded way better.
I tried sending it back to Thomann and they sent me a new one (at least it looked new), but it’s still the same problem, so now I don’t even know what the problem could be anymore.
Just wanted to follow this thread in case somebody figures it out.