UR22 user Upgrade from AI 6 to AI 7

I am a UR22 user using cubase AI 6 which came freely with the interface.
Now I am trying to upgrade the version to AI 7.
However, when I try to download it with the download code it prompts “This Download Access Code has already been used”.
I tried searching on the forum but I cannot find an answer.
Can anyone help?


From the UR22 product website

“All registered UR22 customers are eligible for a free download of the new Cubase AI 7 software that supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. Customers who purchased and registered their UR22 interface in the past, receiving the previous Cubase AI 6 software, are welcome to download a free copy of Cubase AI 7. Please access your MySteinberg account where you will find the activation code and link to the download.”

Problem is I cannot find a way to download the AI 7 in MySteinberg and got the above code already used error.
Anyone please?

It’s been more than one year and I am still not able to download the AI 7 they promised.
It is safe to say that I will not buy any steinberg product ever.

I’m curious, did you contact Steinberg support via your (MySteinberg) account or only post on this forum?