UR22 very low input signal issue

I recently purchased a UR22; I’m new to everything related to the home/studio recording.
I use a poor dynamic microphone (fake sm58), I’m planning to buy an AKG p420, but the signal that I’m receiving from the actual microphone is very very weak, I must plug the TRS cable to second input and activate the HI-Zi and gain to near the maximum to receive a weak acceptable sound.
Thanks to the preamps, I don’t hear any noise but the signal is too weak.
I must know if the problem comes from the UR22 or the bad microphone, I don’t want to invest in the p420 and the interface is faulty.

So what do you think?

Thanks in advance

TRS is your problem. You need an XLR
The center connection of the combined XLR/JACK(TRS) on the UR22 is line level. XLR is for microphones.

The Hi Z input is for guitars, your cheap mic is probably not helping either.

So in summing up, nothing is wrong with the gear. Get a better Mic and the proper cable and all will be well :slight_smile:

Like Split said, and even if you cant afford to change out the fake 58, get an XLR cable and try again. :sunglasses:

ThankYou Guys , the xlr cable fix the problem.


Hey guys, I’m having a similar problem but using a sm58 and XLR cables.
I can only seem to get a good input signal once I turn the gain knob to 100%.
I’m using logic pro but this problem occurs in all audio software, including Skype…

I don’t know if there is a driver configuration that I can change or not. But I’ve been having this problem since I bought it almost a year ago and it’s really bothering me.

Thanks for you attention. Cheers.


I was fiddling with Logic Pro and I saw a Dim Level knob inside the Audio Settings. It was set to -20dB but even after I increased it to 0dB it mande little to no difference.

If there’s anything other than that that I can do to solve the problem please tell me. Thanks!

Hey how did you go with this? I can’t find a resolution anywhere

Hi everyone,

Similar problem!

Have a brand new AKG P420 (Condenser XLR Mic) that goes into UR22 Mk2 and then into Laptop.

Used my UR22 for a few years now for guitar on Input 2 with the Hi Z, and it works fine.

MIC went into Input 1 + Phantom Power switched on + Gain on MAX = getting no signal on the input…

Checked Sound settings on laptop - input is set to my Audio Interface - but again no signal when I am testing the MIC

Tried to record the sound in DAW on Maximum gain - still getting a flat line - nothing at all…

Was thinking maybe I need an additional power supply for UR22, but everyone else on the WEB seems to get away without it…

What can be the issue?
This is the first MIC I am trying to use - so maybe I am missing something completely basic??

Thank you