UR22 Windows- Connects Intermittently and crashes

Hello all,

So, I used my ur22 a few years ago with no real problems. I haven’t used it for a long time and I have a new PC now. I got the drivers and installed them. It obviously wasn’t working on audacity. I went into my system sound settings and I saw that it was rapidly connecting and disconnecting. Soon there after my computer froze. I’ve tried a few things, so far all the same results.

Any ideas?

My girlfriend’s ur22 did something similar, replacing the usb cord (under 10ft) worked. It was super surprising to me, as the unit was well cared for, had barely any use on it… But it would connect and then disconnect over and over. I was afraid it was the usb jack on the back of the unit, but with a new cord I tried wiggling it a bit, and it was still rock sold. Hope it’s that easy for you!