UR22C Are you impressed?

I’ve had my ur22c interface for about a year now. I personally think the converters aren’t as transparent as other interfaces. I just can’t seem to record a really good acoustic guitar sound. I previously used a Behringer interface and got better sounding recordings.
What does everyone else think?

I’ve got a Behringer UMC-1820 connected to a Focusrite Liquid 56 interface on my main machine, and use the UR22C on laptop.

As slight as the difference is, the UR-C does sound a little warmer for vocals, and I can get a weird interpolation effect with one of my condensers that the UR-C doesn’t show up. So certainly some differences.

Are you recording at the same sample rate and bit for each interface, and same connection? i.e. XLR gets processed differently to a jack connection for example.

Also, are you recording via mic or direct from guitar?
If you’re plugging the guitar in and having to push the gain, there’s a hi-z switch on input 2 which may be worth trying.

Also make sure you haven’t got any DSP enabled via the dpsMix software.

I’m recording just with microphones using XLR connectors.
I use a Shure SM57 dynamic and a CAD XLR9000 condensor mic together for each channel. I’ve even tried hanging an AKG vocal mic from above. The CAD MIC gives a warmer sound compared to the sm57 which is a thinner sound. I’m recording at 24 bit 48 htz.
I aim around the 12 -13th fret region.
I saw someone that mics the lower bout of the front of the body so I must try that.
Maybe the sm57 there and the CAD at the 12th might work better?
When I was buying a new interface I was torn between the Scarlett two XLR channel and the Steinberg but the software that came with it was the deal breaker for me as I needed better software than I previously used.