UR22c audio dropout still a problem?

I’ve just received my new UR22c interface and initially pleased with the build quality and ease of setup.
After using it for a couple of days (Windows 10), I notice that the sound occasionally drops out for a second or so.
The usb light goes out too.
Have read that this is an longstanding issue with the UR22 and was wondering if it’s been fixed yet.
It happens when powered from usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports and from a power adapter.
Latest driver installed too.
Any help appreciated.

Could also be a W10 or a Graphiccard issue.
Be sure you have the right USB MB driver, the right settings in WIndows (powersaving/sleepmodus on the USB ports) etc.
Or try disconnecting other USB hardware and see what happens.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure what the right usb mb driver is. It’s an Acer i5 laptop.
There’s info here on the 3.1 issue and drivers but nothing else regards compatibility.
Doesn’t happen very often but the audio cut is disruptive and timing is lost.
Sleep modes are all ok.
It’ll have to go back if it’s not a straightforward fix.

Sorry that I can’t help you any further. I work a lot with Cubase and the UR816C, but never a dropout issue.
FWIW I have an ACER Laptop that looses it’s USB mouse very often, also very disturbing.

Ok thanks anyway.
It’s a nice unit otherwise. Suppose it can be a bit of a gamble with the sub £150 interfaces and Windows 10.
Can’t think what else it could be and it can be quite a long process trying to find solutions and experimenting.
I’ll probably swap it for a Focusrite or MOTU.

Hello brothers in misfortune.

I have the same problem. My brand new UR22C cuts off the sound for a split second every time I switch between Windows applications (youtube, messenger, dspMixFx, etc.). If I do nothing, there are no interrupts! Switching to USB 2.0 did not help. The Control Center reports an error. I tried all the ways that were discussed in this forum. Nothing helped. But there is one feature. When it is connected in USB 3.1 - there is no error message. But the sound is still interrupted. I’m confused.

My configuration:
Intel i7 6800K
Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB
Windows 10 64-bit

I bought a ur22c and have had dropouts on youtube and spotify regulary, my Daw seems to be fine. It seems to have to do with windows 10 not migrated the USB device correctly. I have been trying all possible solutions online but no success. No answer from steinberg on my ticket either. Will return it and go back to my Audiobox from 2013 that runs fine without dropouts

Yes. I’m about two weeks into the 30 day money back period so persevering with trying to sort it out.
I’ve submitted a support ticket but the Facebook Cubase users group have been a great help.
Dropouts on my UR22c have been gradually reducing as a result of trying different things. I think and hope they’ve disappeared.
First up was working out how best to power the unit and checking I have the latest driver installed (v2.0.3).
It bus powers fine from usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports but now I’m using a Samsung 5v 2a charger to ensure sufficient power.
The power ring light has always been constant but the usb light sometimes blinks but not always when there’s a dropout.
Using it in usb 2.0 mode and 44.1 kHz sample rate.
Thought that the dropouts were due to buffer settings too small in Cubase but they were happening in YouTube too.
This PC optimisation article for Windows 10 has really helped to get the dropouts right down to none.

Steinberg advertises this device as intended for amateurs. Music is my hobby. In addition to music, I use my PC for many other demanding tasks (computer graphics, video editing, etc.). I just want to insert a guitar cable and play for fun without digging into the settings and optimizing my PC. But it seems Steinberg is not interested in solving this problem. Sadly

Have read about problems using UR22mkii with the X99 chipset/motherboard. Not sure if this affects C models though.
Maybe better to call Steinberg rather than wait for a support ticket response.

I wouldn’t trust the interface to run smoothly without an external power source ie plugged to the wall. I own the 44C interface and the regular usb 3 port on my laptop doesn’t seem to have enough juice for it, even with the always 100% usb setting.

Mine seems to be back to dropouts again :frowning:. External power supply too.
Running a fair few VSTs with buffer size at 768 samples.
Never needed to have it that high with my Focusrite 2i2 1st gen.
I’m out of ideas and have spent too much time with it. Quite bad really and the help from Steinberg is extremely slow.
I know times are difficult but I’ve had much better experience elsewhere.
Nice bit of kit but unreliable on W10 for me.

I used to connect my ancient Line 6 POD XT Live to a PC and use it as an ASIO in DAW. And it worked great! On Windows 7 and 10. Without any optimizations, changing settings in the BIOS, disabling power saving, uninstalling Nvidia applications, changing wallpaper on your desktop and other tricks. And so it should be with every device. Plug and play.

Yep. I’d go along with that.
Should be plug and play using manufacture’s drivers.
The Focusrite 2i2 has never had a dropout problem. It doesn’t power up at Windows boot which is one reason I was looking for another interface.
Focusrite suggested a BIOS update to fix it but holding that off for now. I use a short USB extension cable so I can make & break the connection.

Try to disable ErP support in the BIOS. Maybe it will help you. But you probably tried all the ways. Thanks for the description of this problem. I also thought about Focusrite and MOTU M2

Thanks for the tip. Problem is my BIOS (Insyde H20) only has simple configuration with no ‘Advanced’ tab.
+1 for Focusrite and the MOTU M2.
M2 is sold out everywhere but new stock in soon.

Yeah it’s funny you mention a Pod. Recently I connected a PodXT (not live) which I think I purchased 13 years ago. Downloaded the drivers and have used it instead of my UR22mkii for a week. Not a single drop out.

Steinberg tells you things like it may be your USB mouse/keyboard software, your GPU’s software, you may have to disable your Ethernet adapter or WiFi card. Hello?? How are those solutions? The Yamaha drivers on Win10 are absolutely terrible and if you need to do things like turn off Turbo or Precision boost, the software isn’t working correctly.

For some reason if I run my RAM at default values (I have 2 sets) 2133mhz or 2666mhz, I don’t have drop outs. If I run the XMP profiles (3600mhzCL18) I do get the drop outs. With the PodXT I can run RAM with XMP profiles and have no issues. Blaming Win10 or a bunch of other software just looks really amateur.

What is frustrating is the UR22mkii worked fine for years on Win7. The unit itself is physically built well, and I appreciate the fact I can use external power adapter instead of it being bus powered. Nothing has really changed in the interface market, except maybe now they are USB 3 instead of USB 2. So having to purchase another interface, it isn’t even an “upgrade” just replacing something that doesn’t work as advertised.

The UR22c is working well now on W10. It took three weeks after purchase to get it working properly.
I spent time optimizing the laptop for audio use and lastly, replaced the lead. The dropouts and connection problems may have been down to the supplied lead or some PC setting. Difficult to tell but pleased with the UR22c now.