UR22C Blinking USB Light


My UR22C seems to be inoperative after changing the USB mode from the control panel to 3.1. Everything was working fine until I changed the USB version setting from 2 to 3.
Now the USB light keeps blinking on my UR22C interface and PC won’t recognize the device. I can turn on Phantom power and everything so I know the cables are connected.

The problem is that I can’t enter the control panel page anymore. There’s no way to change the USB version back to 2 as the setting is missing now. I have reinstalled and updated Yamaha USB Driver as well as the Steinberg Tools For URC numerous times by now. I’ve unplugged and reconnected the interface and tried out other USB ports on my PC.

I’m running out of options. Is there any possible way to force the USB version back to 2 on the interface itself? Or could this be solved from the Windows Device Manager - maybe removing all USB Controllers? Would a USB-C 2.0 cable solve the issue? Can I fix this on some other device?

Thanks in advance!

USB power problem ?
Connect the USB power adaptor. See the URC22C Startup Guide (page 14)