UR22C Bundle (Basic FX Suite & Cubase AI)


I purchased the UR22C audio interface and with the box came Cubase AI Full Version download info and its download access code. The Basic FX suite also came with an activation code document.
I have followed everything to the letter and I just can’t get Cubase AI to open or activate as well as the Basic FX suite.

SO… I installed an old licence of Studio One 2 from 2015, to test the interface. The Basic suite interface appears but the FX won’t work because the Steinberg eLicenser will not activate the Suite.

I 've spent over a day on this: uninstalling all the apps, cleaning up the registry, re-installing and nothing “Steinberg” works. If the cubase AI full version would work I’d probably venture to buy the Cubase Pro 11 upgrade for Cubase AI.
Needless to say, I am very reluctant to invest in Steinberg software!

The interface seems to work, but that’s it. All the promised goodies are a No-Show.


Did you actually enter the activation codes in eLicenser app and download the license?

Can you see those licenses in eLicenser?

I can’t get passed this: see the captures.

Have a look at this article:

not my day!

It failed but the app is installed?!