UR22C - can you connect a condenser mic and a dynamic mic at the same time?

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no, but I thought the manual was somewhat unclear on this point. If you connect a condenser mic, as well as a dynamic mic, both with an xlr cable, and you turn phantom power on (which obviously the dynamic mic doesn’t need) - what happens? Does the dynamic mic just ignore the unnecessary phantom power and work, does it not work - or do you even risk damaging the dynamic mic because you’re feeding it phantom power? Would like to get clarity on this, as it’s a setup I might need at some point.

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It really depends on the mic - in most cases it will be ok but some mics don’t like it at all.

What dynamic mic are you planning on using - and are your XLR cables fully balanced ?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, xlr cables are fully balanced. The mics are SM58s. At work someone created this setup to mic up a classroom for video conferencing - a condenser mic + SM58. I had a look today and had my doubts about whether this was even possible, or perhaps even dangerous for the SM58s, which might become damaged.

An SM58 should be totally fine.

even Shure says so:

To clarify it a bit…

Dynamic microphones are not affected by phantom power at all, given that they are wired correctly.
Keep in mind that many passive ribbon mics will get destroyed if they get connected to phantom power.

Thanks guys - that is very helpful. I was worried that we were destroying the mics, or that the mics wouldn’t work. I guess I worried prematurely. :slight_smile: