UR22C connection to IPAD PRO using hub

Hello everyone,
I would like to have my Ipad powered while connecting my gear so I bought a pretty good USB C hub with the much needed 3.5mm jack input to connect my headphones. Sound on the headphones is crisp clear and and when connected to the power, the Ipad charges.
I have bought the Steinberg UR22C to connect my Ipad Pro using the UCB C. This works fine when plugged in directly to the Ipad.
But when I connect the interface to the hub, the USB light on the interface flashes and it doesnt work. I have tried several connections, including the USB C from hub to power and using the standard 5v dc USB connection from the interface to the hub…
Nothing helps, the USB indicator on the interface keeps flashing.

Hope I can resolve this problem soon, all help is much appreciated!


A lot of usb devices don’t work very well via a hub

I have a ur44c with the same issue

This is what I found worked (after a lot of experimentation)

I could not get the iPad to connect when I used the USB hub. So I connected the iPad Pro (usb-c) to the back of the ur44c (usb-c port) and I powered the Ur44c using the separate 12v dc input. The cable I used to connect the iPad and ur44 is a USC-c to usb-a type connection, and then I used the Apple usb-a to usb-c adapter so that I could establish a usb-c connection at both ends. This worked.

What is interesting is that this was not a symmetric solution. By this I mean that if I connected it with the usb-c end at the ur44c and the Apple adapter at the iPad end - it worked and the ur44c connected. This allowed me to hear the GarageBand instruments on the head-phones connected to themur44c front panel. So all good.

But when I connected it so that the Apple adapter end was connected to the back of the ur44c, and the other end of the cable attached to the power port of the iPad Pro - then it refused to connect (ur44c usb light kept on blinking).

I’m hoping this might help someone.