UR22C crashes when enabling phantom power

Yesterday, I updated the firmware of my UR22C from 1.01 to 1.50 and now, as soon as I switch on the +48v phantom power, the audio interface crashes and reboots. I’m using a 5v500mA power source because my USB3.0 card is not capable of delivering the correct power requirements. This has always worked very well and I never had any issues, until now. With my 5v2a phone charger, it works just fine. I am aware that this interface wants 900mA, but it seems weird to me that it always worked with this power source and now it doesn’t.

Sounds like new functions in the new version require the spec’d voltage.

Yes, if the technical data tells the interface needs 900 mA, then the source that you use must be able to provide this current without voltage drop. I would carefully meet that, no matters if before it worked with less current.