UR22C Cubase licensing trouble

So a year later, I’ve just purchased the UR22C package. After downloading everything, nothing works. Complete waste of time and money. And Steinberg has no support. Useless product. Cubase doesn’t operate as it says it needs licence activation. The eLicensor wants 4-digit inputs and all the activation codes provided are 5-digit inputs. We’ve uninstalled and re-installed everything and still nothing. People want simple single download plug and use products and this one is a nightmare. We have an appointment with the store we bought it from on Thursday to see if they can get it going . . . we’ll see; but that won’t give us back the 8 hours we’ve already spent trying to get this package to work.

Did you eventually solve this? We just got the UR22C and it doesn’t work at all. Downloaded everything to mac we were supposed to download and nothing. Put in the access codes as per the advice on the cards that came with it, but if we try to open the software it says there are no licences, and the elicence software won’t accept the codes. And Steinberg offers no online support - if we’d known that we wouldn’t have bought it. The store is going to attempt to get it to work when we can bring it back in with our laptop - otherwise we’ll be wanting our money back. This certainly isn’t an easy download and use product. Steinberg need to offer some technical support.

I’ve moved your posts to a new topic to avoid confusion.

The codes that came with your UR22C are Download Access Codes. They’re meant to be used with the Steinberg Download Assistant. Once you use your codes, you’ll likely receive a license for Cubase AI 12, which no longer uses the eLicenser. Please sign-in to the Steinberg Activation Manager, which should have been automatically installed when you ran the Download Assistant for the first time.

You should also download TOOLS for UR-C, as mentioned by the Startup Guide.

Thanks for your email. I used the Steinberg Download Assistant and downloaded Cubaase Ai12 and Wavelab LE11. I also downloaded Tools for UR-C. But if I plug in the microphone and headphones and the UR22 system - whilst the headphone check produces the static each side to show the headphones work; I get no sound if I talk into the microphone or play guitar plugged in to the system. Just nothing.