UR22C dspMixFx for Android?


Is there any reason to why there is no dspMixFx available for Android phone? There are so many Android users out there, probably even more than apple and yet, dspMixFx is only available on iOS.

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Same as IC PRO for Cubase.
Or V-Control from Neyrinck.
That was the reason why I chose for an i-pad long ago.
You either accept it or leave it. I don’t know if making those apps for IOS is cheaper/easier, or they believe that most musicians use Apple.
Same kind of issue I find is with lots of Apps nowadays requiring IOS13 or they don’t work anymore, so there you go with your older Apple device…

Plus 1 for an Android app. Lots of us avoid Apple for all sorts of reasons.
That said, is there a way to run the software on my laptop and connect my phone to the laptop via USB C and use the audio from the laptop and the camera from my phone? I want to broadcast on Facebook.

Bumping this. Is there a way to register interest in Android support? Particularly for e.g. dspmixfx or basic recording.

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