UR22C: dspMixFx says No Device Found?

Hello there! I’m using my UR22C and it works. But dspMixFx says No Device Found. What can I do?

I tried to open dspMixFx and the shutdown/turn on the device. But nothing happens.

I need to be able to solo the daw channel in dspmix. I really hope someone can help, thanks!!

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Impossible to help without most basic info about your OS and setup.

Ah yes of course:

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)

Processor: 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9

Memory: 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

macOS Big Sur version 11.1

The UR22C is connected with a USB-C cable. And it’s working fine, the computer is detecting it and everything when I look in System Preferences → Sound. It’s just not being seen in the dspMixFx app.

The first thing that comes to mind: did you install the drivers? Are particular permissions needed to be configured on your OS?

There might be some useful information in the UR22C manual, Configuring Audio Driver Settings on the DAW Software section.

Thanks for the answer! Yes the driver is installed. And I don’t think any permissions need to be configured. I don’t see where that should be.

There is an firmware update as well that I’ve downloaded - but it won’t install since it doesn’t recognise that the device is connected.

And the manual doesn’t give any clues :slight_smile:

What you describe sounds like the UR22C is connected via class compliant mode, which it is able to do without drivers… It’s the Yamaha USB Audio driver you need.

I’m not using my Mac theses days, so can’t check here.

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Yep that’s already installed. And now I just did it again just to be sure. And it still says “no device found”.

Have you ever had it open dspMix?

I have the IDENTICAL problem. I’m on a MacBook Pro 2020 Intel chip, Big Sur 11.4. URC22C connected via hub, which has worked flawlessly for months. I’ve done NOTHING different. It is powered from the hub and the power is fully on and I can set my audio to go through it successfully.

I’ve gone through the Steinberg website and uninstalled/reinstalled all software and I still get NO DEVICE FOUND in dspMixFX. In the Audio Midi setup the symbol for the Steinberg is a BLUE USB symbol, neither the black found in the troubleshoot or the red it is supposed to be. I’ll paste a screenshot at the bottom. I’ve gone into security/privacy after reinstalling and there’s no option to allow privileges for this software. I did see in the e-license control center where it wants an activation code-when I first installed the product I entered the code, but now it wants it again and I don’t have it; however the problem began BEFORE I did the reinstall.

The ONLY thing that changed on my computer was that I just installed Google Drive desktop and I had to give permission via Security & Privacy for that product. I can’t tell you that dspMixFx was detecting the UR22C immediately before and now it has stopped, but I do know that as of yesterday it was detecting it. I got the “no device found” after the reboot from installing Google Drive Desktop.


Pasting screenshot of audio midi interface below, hope it works:

Update-after going through that whole software removal, reinstall and multiple reboots still no success. Out of desperation I updated my Mac OS to Big Sur 11.5.2 and this time, when checking the audio midi interface I saw that the USB symbol had become red, as it should have been - but the dspMixFx STILL wasn’t detecting my UR22C. One last reboot and now it has found it. So on to the next problem - the various effects aren’t loading! Anyway, as far as the UR22C not being detected, I think I’m OK.

Steinberg UR C is not for macos.I have the same problem

It does work though. Start a new topic if you want some help on this.

Unfortunately all USB Yamaha drivers for Steinberg UR C doesn’t work with macos Monterey.

Only for M1

Maybe that is good for M1 but for macos Monterey doesn’t work in my opinion Steinberg must to advice all buyers that its not working with macos monterey 12.2

Not sure about that.

Go here and click on Hardware:

Did you enabled the driver in security settings?

But some are using the device with Monterey already…

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I have encountered the same problem. It was fixed by enabling the security setting in Mac by the following steps:

  1. Direct to system menu/ preference/ security and privacy/general tab
  2. Allow Yamaha Corporation
    I found this answer from the forums on steinberg’s website:

I have the same problem. Was able to get to your #1 step but there was no “allow Yamaha Corporation”. There was only 2 choices on the bottom that you can click which are.
app store
app store and identified developers